Why the name Porter’s House?

The name Porter comes from my MaMa and PaPa Porter. My grandfather passed  on October 12, 2019 and it has been one of the hardest things for myself and my family. My PaPa was the hardest working man I knew, the most caring man I knew, the most giving man I knew and the most Christian man I knew.

While I knew all the things that were spoke over and of him at his funeral, it took that day for me to see the legacy that he left. My goal in life is to live that very same legacy. So the foster closet was given the name Porter’s House, lovingly named after him.  The memory of him, a true giving legacy of my grandparents. He once told me, “Sis you will have so many jewels in your crown one day for the heart of the work that you are doing,”. I knew he was talking about us fostering.


I wanted to introduce myself to you, some of you may already know me but here is a little more about my family.

My name is Kristy Poteete and I live in Dardanelle with my husband of 11 years and our children, Charlie(12), Macie(9), Dow(5), and Ryleigh(3). My children and I attend Home Church here in Dardanelle. Our children attend Dardanelle Schools and ABC Children’s academy. They are involved in many sport’s, so they keep us busy.

Our littles arrived in our home in August of 2017, and we officially adopted them in June of 2019. The road was rough and hard, but it was so worth the trip. Our little’s learned what consistency is, what love is, and what being a family really means. Foster Family's really do an amazing job.

I am so glad that I now get to offer another resource here in Yell County, Porter’s House. Porter’s House is for the families use for the foster children they have opened their homes and heart’s to. It is stocked with clothing, shoes, equipment, etc. all from generous donations. 



Kristy Poteete


How Porter’s House was created:

Porter’s House was a created from a vision in my heart. We were foster parents from August 2017 until June 2019 when our adoption was final. We took in our two children from the foster system. They came with a few items that their first foster home had collected. At the time we had no local resource of help to supply what was needed for an 8 month girl and 2 year old boy. We gathered what we could before they came, we were so greatful to be referred to The Call Mall and also we were invited to use the Joseph’s House in Russellville, neither of which are located with in Dardanelle.

During this time of fostering, we starting learning the foster system, understanding that children most likely are removed from their homes with basically the clothes they have on. A few but not many children are able to take a few items, but that is on a rare occasion.  So my dream is to "pay it forward" if you will. I would like to see all foster families have a place to go that will assist with clothing not only for babies, but with all sizes and ages. To have the ability to help in the transition from overwhelmed and where to go for help, to call Porter's House they will guide the way to a better day. I knew I had to help our local families meet the needs for their foster children. I knew then, my mission in life was going to be to take care of our foster children and families that are in need.

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